DONG Energy becomes the world's first offshore wind power operator to obtain ISO 55001 certification

DONG Energy is standardising operations and maintenance of its offshore wind farms, resulting in increased efficiency as well as cost savings and reduced risks. 


The standard is called ISO 55001:2014 and covers management of assets. To date, only a dozen companies who operate large numbers of physical assets, including the Gatwick airport and the water services company ‘Scottish Water’, have completed the certification. 
As the world’s first offshore wind power operator, DONG Energy has received the internationally recognised ISO 55001:2014 certification for its operation, maintenance and integrity management of offshore wind power assets. The company ‘Bureau Veritas’, an internationally recognised organisation, was responsible for conducting the certification.

DONG Energy has standardised all its asset management processes, routines and procedures for operating and maintaining its offshore wind farms, while proved a consistent high quality service for its assets.

Michael Simmelsgaard, Head of Operations and Maintenance in DONG Energy Wind Power, said: “This is a big achievement and I’m very proud to see that we’re now harvesting the fruits of a tremendous effort done in standardising our workflows and processes, and I’m proud that we receive this certification.”

Simmelsgaard continued: “This certification confirms the skills and expertise of DONG Energy in connection with the operation and maintenance of offshore wind power assets, ensuring optimal long-term asset utilisation and enabling risk-based decision-making. Going forward, we might be using different technology when we change a filter or a gear box on a 3.6MW turbine in the North Sea compared to an 8MW turbine in the Irish Sea, but the process when doing so will be the same.” 

Rigorous management reduces risk

This certification is a confirmation to DONG Energy Wind Power’s shareholders, partners and future investors that the best international practices within asset management are applied. 

Obtaining ISO 55001 certification requires the highest level of rigor in managing and operating the company’s large amount of physical assets. It also demonstrates to customers and regulators that DONG Energy knows how to manage risks, economic performance, legal compliance and safety of its workforce.

DONG Energy has created a solid base for managing its assets focusing on optimising the life cycle of the wind farms and creating transparency through streamlined business processes and clearly defined roles and responsibilities. This standardised foundation allows the company to systematically transfer knowledge across wind farms and optimise the utilisation of its resources. 

Simmelsgaard said: " With the new ISO 55001 standard, we'll be able to make improvements based on best practice - regardless of where in the world the job is performed, while we keep a high quality standard across our fleet."

A safer workplace

Due to the increased focus on competence and risk management, maintaining and operating our turbines will become easier and safer for us. 

Simmelsgaard explained: "This certification is evidence of our continuous efforts to improve safety and our solid asset management capabilities. I’m proud of the progress we’ve achieved and the great steps we’re taking towards becoming a world-class operator. The certification is an important milestone, and the first step in the right direction. Now, the real work lies ahead in continuously maintaining, implementing and improving the asset management system”.
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