Fire in the hole!

Two old ash silos have been blasted away to make room for new wood chip-fired boilers at Skærbæk Power Station. Watch the video of the blast. 

Facts on the blast

Height: 27.5 metres 
 Diameter: 10 meters (outside) 
 Weight per silo: Approximately 873 tonnes

By removing concrete and subsequently performing a blast of two remaining columns in the south-western part of the construction, the silos fall to the south-west. 
On Friday 6 February and Saturday 7 February, specialists from the Danish Demolition Service were busy at Skærbæk Power Station. Two ash silos, each 27.5m high, had to be demolished and removed to make room for a new boiler house. 

Leif Høgh Sørensen, Project Manager from Thermal Power, who is responsible for the conversion of Skærbæk Power Station, said: "The blast of the silos is an important milestone in the conversion of Skærbæk Power Station. Now, we'll have sufficient room to build the boiler house, where the two wood chip-fired boilers are to be installed, and enable Skærbæk Power Station to use wood chips as fuel."  He continued:

"The conversion is progressing according to plan. So far, we're in the initial construction phase which mainly covers soil and piling work as well as the establishment of the new quay." 

The conversion of Skærbæk Power Station means that as of 2017, the power station will be able to supply green district heating to 60,000 inhabitants in the Danish Triangle Region and green electricity to the rest of Denmark. The costs of the conversion amount to approximately DKK 1.8 billion, and the conversion is expected to generate approximately 600-700 jobs during the construction period. 
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