DONG Energy is simplifying electricity agreements

DKK 60 million will be cut from our customers' electricity bills.
Now and in the weeks to come, DONG Energy will notify the approximately 620,000 electricity customers that their electricity agreement will be simplified. The aim is to increase transparency for our customers so that it is easier for them to see what they are paying for. This simplification means that the electricity customers' total payment will be reduced by DKK 60 million a year. 
Here, you can see the changes in question:

  • We will adjust our procurement routines on the Nordic power exchange and resell the electricity at the 'pure' cost price. With the new procurement routines, we are trading on the spot market from day to day and this results in significant cost reductions in terms of financial transactions.

  • In order to be able to offer a product where we resell the electricity directly to the customers without a profit, we will increase the monthly power subscription fee. The subscription fee will increase from DKK 12.50 to DKK 29.00. In this way, our fixed costs for customer service and administrative tasks, etc will be covered. 
Overall, following the new terms and conditions, an average family will save approximately DKK 127.00 on an annual basis.  Customers with a small electricity consumption will experience a slight increase in their overall electricity costs. Therefore, we will continue to offer an electricity agreement with the old subscription fee of DKK 12.50 and an additional fee on the kilowatt hour price, just as we do today.
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