NCC and DONG Energy enter into climate partnership

NCC wants to boost the sustainable development in cooperation with DONG Energy.
The large building project at Carlsberg could become the first place DONG Energy has to locate energy savings. Photo: Dalibor Sandic
The large building project at Carlsberg could become the first place DONG Energy has to locate energy savings. Photo: Dalibor Sandic

NCC and DONG Energy see the following overall results of the agreement

1. NCC helps stimulate the demand for renewable energy as an agreed amount of wind energy corresponding to the company's electricity consumption has been reserved from DONG Energy's offshore wind farm at Anholt. DONG Energy is committed to investing part of the payment in research and/or an expansion of renewable energy.
2. Focused efforts were made to conserve energy at ia construction sites.
3. NCC strengthens its competitiveness by achieving lower energy costs.
4. A new billing service makes it easier for NCC to create an overview of the energy consumption per project and reduce administrative costs.

DONG Energy has entered into climate partnerships with more than 100 companies, municipalities and organisations. In 2014, we have reduced the energy consumption of our partners by an amount corresponding to the average consumption of approximately 10,000 households.

Today, NCC Construction and DONG Energy sign an agreement which makes NCC DONG Energy's first climate partner in the building and construction sector. The partners see a number of advantages in entering into a close cooperation.

Support for the government's climate plan

Martin Manthorpe, Managing Director of Strategy and Business development in NCC Construction, said:

"At NCC, we have a clear vision of renewing the construction sector and delivering extraordinary sustainable solutions and therefore, it's natural for us to take active co-responsibility for the transformation from black to green energy in Denmark. Therefore, we've entered into a climate partnership agreement with DONG Energy as the first contractor in Denmark. With this partnership, we support the government's 2050 climate plan which requires that companies boost the development of sustainable solutions. With the climate partnership with DONG Energy, we also want to send a strong signal that we're committed to renewable energy and that we're working to change our behaviour."

Attractive partner with responsible profile

Morten Buchgreitz, Executive Vice President in DONG Energy, said:
"I'm pleased that we now include one of Denmark's leading building and contractor companies into the circle of climate partners. NCC is an attractive partner for us because of the company's corporate social responsibility profile in relation to environment and climate issues. And, of course, also because of the company's profound knowledge of energy efficiency and energy consumption in building and construction projects as well as in existing buildings."

The partnership is in line with a number of activities regarding sustainability and energy efficiency that NCC has already initiated.

Manthorpe explained: "As part of our sustainability work, we focus on increasing the total value of a construction work by integrating the considerations for both the social, economic and environmental factors in all our processes. Among other things, we focus intensively on optimising our business in terms of energy as well as reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions during the construction period."

Buildings consume a lot of energy

Buildings are one of the largest energy consumers in society. 40 per cent of Denmark's total energy consumption are used for heating, ventilation and lighting in buildings. As the requirements on the buildings' energy consumption are intensified, the amount of energy used to construct and renovate the buildings will become more and more important for the building's total energy account.

In this connection, the partnership with DONG Energy will play a significant role as the partnership means that DONG Energy will advise NCC about conserving energy at a number of selected building sites. Subsequently, standard solutions will be drawn up which will make it easier for both NCC and the contractors to include energy consumption during the construction period in the planning from day one, which is decisive to achieving a conservation of energy.

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