Zealand's defibrillator is testing the emergency facility

DONG Energy is testing whether Zealand's defibrillator is ready to carry out first aid to the electricity grid.
At the control centre of Kyndby Power Station, they energise the electricity grid.
At the control centre of Kyndby Power Station, they energise the electricity grid.
If Zealand experiences a black out due to a power failure, Kyndby Power Station is the only power station which is able restart the grid. Twice a year, DONG Energy tests whether Kyndby Power Station is ready. Today is the examination day.

Rudi Hansen, who is responsible for the daily operations at Kyndby Power Station, said: "We must be entirely sure that Kyndby Power Station is able to restart the grid in a situation where all of Zealand is without power. When that happens, fortunately very rarely, Kyndby Power Station acts as a kind of defibrillator ensuring that the grid is re-energised so that wind turbines and other power stations can produce power again."

The grid must have both enough voltage and enough power to enable the power stations and the wind turbines to restart in case of power failure. Kyndby Power Station is tasked with supplying the necessary voltage and power within three hours.  

Hansen continued: "When we face the worst case scenario, that all of Zealand is without power, we have two options. We either start a large diesel generator by means of compressed air and then the power-generating unit. Alternatively, we use batteries to start a small gas turbine. The small gas turbine can then start a larger gas turbine which can start the actual power-generating unit. Only then can the start-up procedures be initiated for the power stations and wind turbines which have come to a standstill."

Zealand's backup power station
Apart from acting as a defibrillator in emergency situations, Kyndby Power Station is used as the backup power station on Zealand for the day-to-day operations. In case the other power stations and wind turbines cannot meet the expected demand for electricity, or if there is a fault in one of the cables going abroad, Kyndby Power Station will be activated. 

The power station has served as the backup power station on Zealand since the 1970s and has been renovated and maintained on a continuous basis. In 2014, DONG Energy and the Danish transmission system operator Energinet.dk entered into a new five-year agreement stating that the Kyndby Power Station together with the gas turbine at Masnedø CHP Plant will continue to serve as backup power stations on Zealand from 2016 and onwards.

Kyndby Power Station is located in Hornsherred on the Isefjorden and currently employs 37 employees.
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