Save energy with subsidies

DONG Energy increases the subsidies on energy savings.

Facts about the Danish energy savings agreement:

Authorities and energy companies have entered into an energy savings agreement which was renewed in 2012. The energy companies undertake to contribute to the implementation of energy savings at the end-users. DONG Energy's target is to quadruple our Danish customers' energy savings from 2012 to 2020. This means that the overall energy savings gained by the customers correspond to the annual heat and electricity consumption of 556,000 Danes every year. 
If you are a homeowner and you dream about reducing your energy costs, help is on the way. Regardless of whether you want to insulate, replace windows or install a heat pump, you can get help in the form of a subsidy per saved kilowatt hour. An energy savings agreement between the authorities and the energy companies has paved the way for this.
Examples of subsidies
You can gain a subsidy of almost DKK 1,500 for an air-to-air heat pump.In connection with a complete cavity wall insulation, the subsidy is approximately DKK 2200, and replacement of five windows will trigger a subsidy of approximately DKK 500.
See more examples of subsidies here (in Danish):
DONG Energy increases subsidies
DONG Energy has recently increased the subsidy from DKK 0.28 to DKK 0.31 per kilowatt hour, and it is among the highest subsidy rates for this type of nationwide scheme.  
"We offer a cash subsidy because the cheapest kilowatt hour is the one you don't use," said Louise Hahn, Vice President in DONG Energy, when she was asked about the background for this initiative. Hahn continued: "We want to make it easy for customers to reduce their electricity bill and avoid unnecessary energy consumption." 
During the last couple of years, approximately 15,000 customer have contacted DONG Energy to apply for subsidies for energy renovation.
How to apply
•Go to and find 'Tilskud' . Here, you will find several examples of the subsidies which the different initiatives trigger. 
•Complete the online form. 
•Please remember not to enter into an agreement with a supplier or a craftsman before you have applied for a subsidy. 
Financing assistance
In cooperation with Nykredit, DONG Energy also offers to carry out an energy inspection and create an overview of how the homeowner gets the most out of renovating his or her home. Via a nationwide online solution, business owners also have the possibility to apply for subsidies for energy saving projects, eg insulation, ventilation, lighting, boiler replacements, etc.
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