An evening in the 'green department store'

A bale of straw, a wind turbine and an energy bicycle are not something that you normally see at the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building but on the Copenhagen Culture Night, the building has been furnished with all three and yet more. 
Visitors pedalled hard as they were cheered from the sideline and keyboard keys were pressed when DONG Energy contributed to the Copenhagen Culture Night on Friday 10 October with an exhibition at the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building. Right from the beginning, the competition is intense and spirits are high as several thousand guests visit our red DONG Energy area. 
On the Copenhagen Culture Night, the Ministry is open and the main purpose is to put focus on the climate challenges and green energy of the future. Children as well as adults have turned up, and the activities are popular with the many visitors. 
Bent Nielsen, who has brought his 10-year old daughter Isabella, said: "In our family, the Copenhagen Culture Night is a tradition. We think that it's a pleasant event that we're happy to support. And here at the Ministry, they always have fun activities." 
A green department store 
On the Copenhagen Culture Night, the Ministry has been transformed into a green department store where visitors can explore the four floors, all focusing on the green solutions of the future. 
Jens Price Wolf, Director in Thermal Power, said: "Often, energy is just something that is 'around'. Usually, you can't see, feel nor touch it but nevertheless, here we offer the opportunity to do exactly that - to see, feel and touch elements of the energy and thereby give an insight into our work on converting our energy supply." 
All the floors of the ministry have been decorated with colourful balloons, and the desks have been replaced by all kinds of exhibitions to see and touch. Curious children run around to the various activities on the floors, their parents laugh and try to stay close on their heels, while the exhibition hosts explain, point to and present green initiatives. 
Outside, the facade of the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building is covered with several thousand green light bulbs turning the ministry into the greenest building on the Copenhagen Culture Night. 
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