Linkogas and DONG Energy sign a 15 year contract

DONG Energy gets ready to build a new upgrading plant for biogas and commits itself in a long-term agreement with Linkogas in South Jutland. 


About Linkogas
Since its establishment in 1990, Linkogas has supplied biogas to the Danish city Rødding. Here the biogas has been converted into CO2 neutral electricity and district heating.

When the biogas supplies to Rødding end, instead, district heating will be produced based on another renewable energy source, straw. So by upgrading the biogas and selling it to the natural gas grid where it will supersede natural gas, all in all, a far more significant environmental advantage will be achieved. At the same time, a waste of heat is avoided during summer where the demand for heat is not high enough to sell the produced energy.

Finally, the access to the natural gas grid offers Linkogas the possibility of increasing the production of biogas which would not be possible otherwise. The expected delivery to the natural gas grid is approximately 6 million cubic meters of natural gas per year corresponding to the consumption of approximately 4,000 households.

Facts about DONG Energy
DONG Energy is the only energy company in Denmark producing bio natural gas.

In 2011, DONG Energy commissioned Denmark's first biogas upgrading plant supplying bio natural gas to the Danish natural gas grid, and the next plant is being commissioned at the Danish biogas producer Horsens Bioenergi.

DONG Energy is Denmark's leading supplier of eco-friendly energy to Danish business customers and for many years, DONG Energy has supplied certified power from DONG Energy's offshore wind farms to climate partners and other customers. With the supplies from DONG Energy's own biogas upgrading plants, DONG Energy can now also supply certified bio natural gas.

Denmark may be heading towards a green gas adventure as manure from millions of cows and pigs is converted into biogas. Biogas from the many farm animals can end up as upgraded natural gas which will serve as heating in our homes. As the only company in Denmark, DONG Energy has built two upgrading plants and this has resulted in concrete experiences in the upgrade from biogas to bio natural gas. 

Lars S. Bentzen, Market Director, said:

"Now, we're getting ready to build the third plant. It will be built in the small village Lintrup, located in the municipality of Vejen, South Jutland, where the company Linkogas operates a joint biogas plant for 55 farmers in the area. Linkogas is among the pioneers in the Danish biogas industry and is a well-run and innovative biogas plant. There's even a waiting list for new members of and suppliers to the plant so I'm very satisfied that we've managed to enter into this agreement."

The agreement will be signed on 3 September 2014, and Aksel Buchholt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Linkogas, welcomes DONG Energy.

"We've entered into an agreement with the leading company on how biogas can be-come an integrated part of the energy supply. We're very satisfied and we're also pleased that in many years to come, we have a reliable sales channel for our biogas while still being able to supply a certain amount to Rødding District Heating and there-by contribute to a high security of supply in the village of Rødding."

The parties expect that the first upgraded biogas will flow through the pipes to the customers in the second half of 2015.

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