Dangerous workplace - but no accidents

More than 2,200 working days have passed since they had any accidents with subsequent absence for DONG Energy employees at the Stenlille Gas Storage Facility.

About Stenlille Gas Storage Facility

Stenlille Gas Storage Facility was commissioned in 1994. The gas storage facility is located 1.5km underground, and the gas is being held back by thick layers of clay. The largest pocket is located under a 300 m thick clay layer. Stenlille Gas Storage Facility has the capacity to store 775 million m3 corresponding to the annual consumption of approximately half a million Danish households. 

High-risk workplace
The emergency response authorities have classified Stenlille as a plant with significant impact on the Danish national reliability of supply and as a workplace, the plant is ranked among the most hazardous in Denmark.Explaining text goes here 
For 10 years, they have succeeded in avoiding accidents which have resulted in DONG Energy colleagues being sent home, to the doctor or even to the hospital. And this is an achievement when you consider the risks of operating a gas storage facility:
Kristian Asmussen, the daily manager of the facility, said: "We store more than 700 million m3 of gas under extremely high pressure, we're working every day with heavy technical equipment, and we work in an environment where we need to be constantly vigilant to avoid getting hurt. So we're very proud that we've avoided accidents."
Everybody must return home to the family safely
Over the years, the safety culture has been incorporated so that it has become an integral part of the culture at the Stenlille Gas Storage Facility. The motto is that everybody must return home to his or her family just as safe and sound as when they arrived to work. 
Karsten Kiil Kristensen, Operations Technician and Safety Representative, explained how the daily high focus on safety affects the working day at the gas storage:
"We have a number of rules we must observe, and we're very good at planning. We have detailed plans for maintenance and known tasks one year ahead. None of our contractors will gain access to the area without having completed our safety induction. But the most important thing to me is that we have a high degree of openness and dialogue. We welcome all views and ideas to maintain the high safety level and this has contributed to ensuring that we all assume responsibility for the safety culture."
Headings for the safety work 

  • A safety induction course is always carried out for everybody who will be working at the Stenlille Gas Storage Facility.
  • All employees are responsible for creating and improving the common safety culture.
  • All tasks are planned very carefully in terms of safe implementation.
  • On-the-job training always takes place in connection with the various tasks.
  • Knowledge and experiences are shared on an ongoing basis between employees and management. 
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