The Kyndby Power Station continues as Sealands 'fire station'

The Kyndby Power Station will also be part of ensuring the electricity supply on Sealand in future.

After a tender round, DONG Energy and the Danish transmission owner have just entered into a new five-year agreement stating that the Kyndby Power Station together with the gas turbine at Masnedø CHP Plant will continue to serve as backup power station on Sealand. 

Jens Erik Pedersen, Senior Vice President at DONG Energy, said:

"We're very pleased that once again has picked Kyndby Power Station as backup power station for Sealand from 2016 and for the next five years. The power station has served as backup power station on Sealand since the 1970s and has been continuously renovated and maintained so that, today, it's fully updated and ready for a new contract period."

The agreements entails that in case of malfunctions in the grid or actual power outages at other power stations and transmission connections, can ask DONG Energy to start-up the power production at the Kyndby Power Station with short notice.

The new agreement with is very important to the Kyndby Power Station and its 37 employees in total.

Pedersen continued:

"The agreement is important for the future of the Kyndby Power Station. Considering its status as backup power station, a new agreement with has been very crucial to the Kyndby Power Station being able to continue operations from 2016 and onwards. Fortunately, everything has fallen into place, and we're ready to continue maintenance and adjustments of the power station in accordance with the obligations set out in the new agreement."

The Kyndby Power Station is called Sealand's 'fire station' because the power station is able to start power production very quickly and get the voltage level on Sealand back on track after a black-out situation. The gas turbine at the Masnedø CHP Plant is also part of the agreement. The system is remotely controlled and maintained from the Kyndby Power Station.

The Kyndby Power Station is located in Hornsherred facing the Danish fjord, Isefjord. The power station's function is to produce electricity in case other power stations or cable connections to Jutland, Sweden or Germany fail and to help during windless days where production from the wind turbines is low.

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