The Power of American Green Hydrogen 


How Power-to-X can make US industries sustainable

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The United States is looking to cut national greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. This will mean decarbonising some of America’s heaviest industries, including petrochemicals, steelmaking, and transportation.

The Power-to-X (P2X) industry has a solution to offer: green hydrogen. This zero-emissions energy – and the e-fuels derived from it – can sustainably replace the need for fossil fuels across sectors. Backed by new legislation, the US now has an opportunity to scale up green hydrogen production, becoming a global powerhouse in P2X. 

In this white paper, we explore the role of green hydrogen in decarbonising the US economy. You can read about: 

  • Green hydrogen and e-fuels production
  • Which industries will benefit from green hydrogen
  • US market conditions favouring green hydrogen expansion
  • How green hydrogen supports US climate targets             

Power-to-X: renewable hydrogen and other green fuels

On the quest to decarbonise the global economy, heavy industry and transport pose significant challenges. Power-to-X is a key solution to this.