Demand green

What can you do to speed up climate action? Where do you start? We know it can be challenging to navigate through the overflow of information and advice. That’s why we’re outlining how you can help make the biggest impact.

Individual lifestyle changes such as recycling and commuting to work on public transport are a great first step. They help reduce emissions and send a strong message that you care about climate change and that others should, too. But it’s not enough to want to halt climate change.

Today 73% of global greenhouse gas emissions are energy related

Because emissions from fossil fuels are a byproduct of almost everything you do; heating your home, turning on the oven, travelling by plane, making a call, and shopping online. Our current way of life depends on energy from fossil fuels.

To reduce global emissions at the rate required by science, we need our energy systems to shift from a reliance on fossil fuels to using renewable, green energy. Through systemic  change, we can create this world, and enable our daily lives to run entirely on green energy.

Goodbye CO2

See the journey we’re on towards a world that runs entirely on green energy