DONG rush ahead in the North Atlantic

07.05.2005 The UK State yesterday offered DONG licences to explore for oil and gas in one of the most promis-ing areas in the North Atlantic between the Shetland Islands and the Faroe Islands. The area in which DONG may be drilling covers 3,400 square kilometres. It is almost as large as the entire area of the North Sea that contains all the oil and gas discovered in Denmark to date. The offer from the UK State demonstrates that DONG has seriously established its position in the North Atlantic, where we will now be one of the largest licence holders. The two licences have been offered to a consortium consisting of DONG, Gaz de France and Dana Petroleum. At the same time DONG has been offered shares in another three licences that have Chevron Texaco as operator. According to the UK Department of Trade and Industry 152 licences have been awarded to 99 compa-nies. A total of 114 companies had submitted licence applications. DONG was awarded all the li-cences it applied for. The area between the Faroe Islands and the Shetland Islands is one of DONG's three focus areas within oil and gas. The other two are in the Danish and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea and in the Norwegian Sea off Mid-Norway, where DONG has a ten per cent stake in the large Ormen Lange field. Contact: Jan Terje Edvardsen, Senior Vice President, Exploration, telephone +45 4033 6531 Jens Tovborg Jensen, Press Secretary, telephone +45 4517 1565