Elsam and Energi E2 streamline their power plant activities

04.05.2006 Elsam and Energi E2 streamline their power plant activities The process of preparing the merger of Elsam and Energi E2's power station activities under the name Generation in the Danish energy company DONG Energy A/S is nearing completion. The aim of the process has been to create the framework for the establishment of a strong business area that can expand the existing companies' competitiveness in the Northern European market. This will be achieved through: • the establishment of a single, innovative, flexible and market-orientated business area • the creation of a new, common culture based on the best from the existing companies • the realisation of synergies The preparation process has shown that there are significant synergies to be realised by utilising the shared knowledge that is part of the new business area. This will be achieved through optimisation and standardisation of business and work processes, automation, discontinuation of activities and development of the organisation. The employees have been heavily involved in the process of preparing the merger. For example, 40 working groups were appointed with participation by 400 of the business area's existing 2,000 employees. Unfortunately, the realisation of some of these synergies will mean approx. 80 job losses within production. The employees in question will be given notice of termination at the end of May. Assistance for employees made redundant The employees in question will be ensured the best possible support and a good basis for moving on. For example, a special redundancy package has been agreed, and various "safety net" measures will be provided, such as offers of seminars, supplementary training, job-seeking assistance, practical advice and counselling. For further information, contact: Louise Münter, Head of Media Relations at DONG Energy A/S - +45 4517 1545 Michael Steen-Knudsen, Head of Investor Relations at DONG Energy A/S - +45 4517 1556