DONG Energy withdraws from Greifswald project in Germany

At a board meeting held today, DONG Energy resolved to withdraw from the project exploring the opportunities of building a new power plant near the town of Greifswald in northern Germany. In November 2006, DONG Energy acquired an ownership interest in a German company that held an option to acquire a site situated near the town of Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern which was suited for building a coal-fired power plant. The building of the power plant was subject to approval by the German authorities. Due to recent indications from the state government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, DONG Energy no longer believes that the project has the necessary political backing. In addition, since the initial project application was filed three years ago, the case processing has been making slow progress with no prospects for a decision being made in the near future. “DONG Energy relies on close collaboration with the local communities that we serve. We have therefore reacted to the perceived lack of necessary political backing for the project from the state government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Consequently, we have resolved to withdraw from the project plans, which will enable us to devote our full efforts to other investment projects in our pipeline,” said Anders Eldrup, Chief Executive Officer. The information provided in this announcement will not change the previous financial guidance for the financial year 2009 or the expected investment level. For further information, please contact Media Relations Louise Münter +45 9955 9662 Investor Relations Morten Hultberg Buchgreitz +45 9955 9750