DONG Energy publishes supplementary prospectus on debt issuance

Today, DONG Energy A/S publishes a supplementary prospectus to the base prospectus dated 17 April 2009 on debt issuance (EMTN) of a nominal amount of EUR 3,000,000,000. The supplementary prospectus sets out a proposed change of the company's dividend policy. The current dividend policy of DONG Energy A/S is a payout ratio of 40% of the company's yearly profit after tax (with no adjustment for coupon payments on issued hybrid capital and minority interests). The shareholders of DONG Energy A/S have proposed a change of the dividend policy, which is submitted for approval to the shareholders' respective competent organs. The change involves a dividend of DKK 7.25 per share for the financial year 2009 with an annual increase of DKK 0.25 per share (with the current share capital it corresponds to a dividend of DKK 2,129mn for the financial year 2009 with a yearly increase of DKK 73mn). The payout ratio, which is the shareholders' share of the company's yearly profit after tax (adjusted for coupon payments on DONG Energy A/S's issued hybrid capital and minority interests), will, however, be limited to a maximum of 60% and a minimum of 40%. Distribution of dividends presupposes that such distribution is deemed reasonable in consideration of the financial position of the DONG Energy group. The prospectus also includes updated information concerning risk factors described by the company in previous prospectus material. The prospectus can be downloaded at: The information provided in this company announcement will not change the previous financial guidance for the financial year 2009 or the expected investment level. For further information, contact: Media Relations Louise Münter +45 9955 9662 Investor Relations Morten Hultberg Buchgreitz +45 9955 9750 DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe. We are headquartered in Denmark. Our business is based on procuring, producing, distributing and trading in energy and related products in Northern Europe. We have approximately 6,000 employees and generated more than DKK 60 billion (EUR 8.2 billion) in revenue in 2008. For further information, see