Financial Report - Q1 2007

16.05.07 HIGHLIGHTS First-quarter revenue was DKK 10,673 million compared with DKK 8,184 million in 2006EBITDA amounted to DKK 3,228 million compared with DKK 3,348 million. EBIT was DKK 1,991 million compared with DKK 2,831 millionProfit after tax was DKK 1,302 million compared with DKK 2,083 million. Profit from acquired companies was DKK 888 million compared with DKK 197 millionOperating cash inflow was DKK 2,961 million versus DKK 2,281 million. Investing activities absorbed DKK 1,241 million versus DKK 4,724 million. The principal investments in the first quarter were the Ormen Lange project, underground installation of power cables in North Zealand, international wind power activities and the initial payment on the acquisition of ConocoPhilips in Denmark. Capital expenditure in 2006 related primarily to the acquisition of Elsam sharesIn March, DONG Energy reached an agreement on DONG Energy's acquisition of ConocoPhillips' Danish exploration and production activities for USD 300 millionThe full-year profit outlook for 2007 is adjusted downwards compared with the profit outlook in the 2006 annual report. EBITDA is now expected to be somewhat lower due to the sustained fall in electricity prices. The outlook concerning profit after tax is on a par with the announcement in the 2006 annual report, as the non-recurring income resulting from the reduction in the income tax rate from 28% to 25% makes up for the effect of the lower electricity prices