DONG buys shares in ENERGI E2 from four municipalities

DONG has signed agreements with Hillerød Municipality, Roskilde Municipality, Elsinore Municipality and Slagelse Municipality on the acquisition of the four municipalities' shares in ENERGI E2, equivalent to a total ownership interest of 3.63 per cent. The shares were acquired at a total price of DKK 617 million, valuing ENERGI E2 at DKK 17 billion in total. This corresponds to the value that formed the basis for DONG's acquisition of Copenhagen Energy's shares in ENERGI E2. The payment will be made in cash. Before the deal can be completed, various terms and conditions need to fall into place. The municipalities' shareholdings are as follows: Elsinore Municipality 0.86 per cent of Energi E2 Hillerød Municipality 0.81 per cent of Energi E2 Roskilde Municipality 1.10 per cent of Energi E2 Slagelse Municipality 0.86 per cent of Energi E2 Contact: Anders Eldrup, CEO of DONG, tel +45 4517 1550