Job seeker insights



When looking for a new job - what do you value most, which companies do you consider first, what motivates you to start your job search and how do you arrive at the final decision? 

Ørsted is always on the look-out for talented specialists with unique and diverse skillsets, across a broad range of disciplines. These talented individuals help develop innovative solutions, pioneer new techniques and technologies in pursuit of the company vision which is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. 

But to recruit the best candidates for key positions, it’s essential to learn more about the processes job seekers go through when looking for their next challenging assignment. Ørsted is therefore looking for 30 people to participate in a 1hr interview, after which all participants will receive a 500 DKK gift card for their participation.

During the interview we’ll cover a range of topics such as past job search experiences, motivations, discuss what’s most important for the job seeker and much more!

All information captured during the interviews will be anonymised and kept strictly confidential. 

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