Meet our giants

in a seaplane

Exclusive student event

– free of charge

The Ørsted seaplane safari is your chance to get up close with one of Europe’s largest offshore wind farms in a seaplane.

You’ll fly in a propeller powered seaplane together with other selected students from either Copenhagen Harbour or Aarhus Harbour to the offshore wind farm off the island of Anholt. The wind farm consists of 111 wind turbines, covering an area of 88 km2.

The plane will fly at an altitude of 150 metres above sea level, barely above the swoosh of the towering giants rising out of the sea. Each of the wind turbines weigh 450 tons and rise 141 metres from the sea with a rotor diameter of 120 metres – topping the length of a football field with about 20 metres.

Date and time 

8 September 2020, from 08:45 to 15:00

Copenhagen: 9 September 2020, from 09:45 to 16:00


Aarhus: We'll start and end the day at Comwell Aarhus. A taxi will transport us to and from Aarhus Harbour where we’ll board the seaplane.

Copenhagen: We'll start the day at Copenhagen Admiral Hotel. We'll walk together to Copenhagen Harbour where we’ll board the seaplane. We'll end the day at Toldboden.

Are you a business, engineering or IT student?

As we start the day together, you’ll learn more about how we push the boundaries of what’s possible within renewable energy. You’ll also hear about career opportunities and life as a graduate at Ørsted.

After the presentations, the seaplane will take off for a flight overlooking the offshore wind farm close to Anholt and return to the harbour. We’ll end the day with some coffee, tea and cake.

Who can apply?

You can apply to the seaplane safari event if you’re currently enrolled in a master’s degree in engineering, business, finance, or IT/digital.

How to apply?

Write a short motivational essay (max. 500 words incl. space) in English, including your field of study.

Apply by sending your essay in an email to no later than 31 August 2020. Remember to write “Seaplane Safari – Aarhus” or “Seaplane Safari – Copenhagen” in the subject line.

We’ll screen applicants based on their motivation. The chosen applicants will be invited to the event and notified no later than 2 September 2020.

A global green energy leader. Powered by talent.

At Ørsted, our ambition is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. Today, we’re one of the largest green energy developers in the world. We’re pushing the boundaries for what’s possible within green energy solutions. And in terms of offshore wind, we’re in the middle of a new moon landing. The projects expand beyond imagination, and we’re laying the foundations for a world of widespread wind power. As we turn our vision into reality, we need bright minds to help us lead the industry, develop innovative technologies and new knowledge, and create a brighter future for us all. Therefore, we invite talented students to see our operations in real life.