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Our sustainability report 2018

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Sustainability to build an entirely green world

Our common home, the planet Earth, is a beautiful place, full of breath-taking nature, fascinating creatures and people of all kinds. 

We want to take and inspire real action to help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and make the planet a cleaner and more prosperous home for all.

Our sustainability strategy is shaped by the societal themes that we and our stakeholders believe are most material to our business. We address these themes in our sustainability programmes.

Today, we have 20 sustainability programmes which we divide into three priorities:  
  • A world that runs entirely on green energy
  • Enabling sustainable growth
  • Business integrity
Through our sustainability programmes, we are committed to operating in a way that contributes positively to the SDGs, while minimising any potential negative impacts. 

Our contribution to the SDGs

Public policy and industry must combine forces to tackle the complex challenges posed by the SDGs. By doing so, we can drive scalable, affordable and sustainable solutions. Driving action on the SDGs is at the heart of our business.

We contribute directly to SDG #7 on sustainable and affordable energy and SDG #13 on climate action, while we contribute significantly to SDG #8 on economic growth due to our significant investments in green energy. 
  • In 2018, 75% of our energy generation was green. By 2025, we target 99%.
  • Our offshore wind farms can generate enough green energy to power more than 12 million people. By 2025, we aim to install enough capacity to power more than 30 million.
  • In the past ten years, we have invested DKK 165 billion in green energy with our partners. Towards 2025, we expect to invest an additional DKK 200 billion in green energy.
  • The offshore wind farms we have installed in combination with the offshore wind farms we have under construction create 180,000 job years during construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning.
  • We have reduced the carbon intensity of our energy generation by 72% compared to 2006, aiming for a 98% reduction by 2025.
  • Since 2006, power from our offshore wind farms has helped avoid emissions of more than 31 million tonnes of carbon, equal to taking all approx 16 million cars in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco off the street for a year.

Our sustainability programmes

Click below on one of our three priorities to see how our sustainability programmes contribute positively or minimise potential negative impacts on the UN SDGs:

A world that runs entirely on green energy

Why pursue a greener world?

Enabling sustainable growth

What does sustainable green growth mean?

Business integrity

What is good business conduct?

Our vision in figures

Our vision for a world that runs entirely on green energy reaches far beyond our own operations. It requires a shift in the way we all consume energy. This challenges the energy system. We do not have all the answers for how we can get to a world of 100% green energy. But we have charted the course for how we as a company will make our contribution. 

Waste is a resource for green energy

Increasing waste levels is a major global challenge. In Ørsted we see waste as a valuable resource when the organic content can be turned into biogas, which is a green alternative to natural gas. We invest in waste solutions that can help utilise the many resources that waste has.
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Taking care of the rich diversity of life on Earth

All energy infrastructure is built in a unique environment where we have to do our utmost to protect the natural ecosystems. It is central that we manage
environmental impacts on these ecosystems well to obtain permission to build wind farms. 
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A healthy working life in a busy world

In a modern fast-paced culture, it is crucial to actively support employees to counter stress and burn-out. In 2018, we introduced our Ørsted Life programme – a new, holistic effort to support the health and well-being of our employees.
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Our investments in green energy bring tangible benefits to society

In Ørsted, our investments have helped power millions of people with green energy, fight climate change, and boost economic growth and job creation.

Sustainability report 2018

A greener planet for
a better world