Business integrity

Integrity and trust go hand in hand

We changed our name in 2017, but our guiding principles remain – the Ørsted Way. The first guiding principle is integrity. We uphold high ethical standards in our business practices by being accountable and transparent, respecting human rights and having a solid governance.

Integrity is part of how we define ourselves as a company. It is also how we approach dialogue with our stakeholders – we want to build trust by listening to their concerns and communicating transparently about Ørsted.

The greatest challenge we have set our sights on is climate change, and our answer is green energy. To build and maintain the trust of our stakeholders, we have a public Sustainability Commitment. We work with a number of sustainability programmes that focus on integrity.
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Integrity in our own operations – and beyond

Our programmes include one of the highest priorities in our business, namely safety. In recent years, we have complemented our work on safety with a range of initiatives to enable a sustainable working life, both physically and mentally.
Business integrity also reaches beyond our own walls. We collaborate with our suppliers and joint venture partners and help them develop their sustainability practices in accordance with our code of conduct.

Associated programmes:

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Sustainability stories

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