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A responsible business with high ethical standards

Integrity is one of our guiding principles. We want to operate a responsible business with high ethical standards by being accountable and transparent, respecting human rights and having a solid governance.

To see the explanation of development for each programme, please have a look at pages 28-35 in our 2017 sustainability report

Workplace safety

SDG: #8 → Target: 8.8

Safety is a top priority in everything we do as part of our daily business. We have a basic responsibility to ensure and promote a safe working environment and culture among our employees and contractors.

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Employee health and well-being

SDG: #3 → Target: 3.4

We want to create a framework for a sustainable working life that gives our employees energy both at work and outside of work. Our employees’ health and well-being is essential for us to succeed – but most importantly for our employees’ overall quality of life.

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Responsible business partners

SDG: #3 #8 → Target: 3.9, 8.7, 8.8

Our more than 22,000 suppliers and joint venture partners globally are part of our social and environmental footprint. Applying a risk-based approach, we support our business partners in improving their ethical, social, and environmental performance. Our aim is to help build sustainable and resilient value chains.

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Cyber security

Cyber-attacks are an increasing threat. Energy companies in the US and Ukraine have already experienced hacker attacks on their energy and IT infrastructure. Any company with a digital presence faces the threat of security breaches. We handle them daily as part of our normal operations.
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Good business conduct

SDG: #16 → Target: 16.5

By promoting good business conduct, we are able to handle or completely avoid situations that can lead to inappropriate or illegal behaviour in our relations with authorities and business partners. We want to maintain an ethical company culture among all employees, management and the Board of Directors.

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Customer experience

Satisfied customers are key when trying to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Moreover, a high level of satisfaction among our customers is vital to how we, as a company, are perceived in society.
Customer satisfication graphic

Responsible tax practices

SDG: #16 → Target: 16.6

Taxes are a key economic contribution to society, and a responsible approach to tax is essential to the long-term sustainability of our business in countries where we operate. We are transparent in our approach to tax, and we communicate about our tax policy and tax payments in a timely, transparent, and understandable manner.

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Personal data protection

In a digital world, responsible handling of personal data concerning customers business partners, and employees is becoming more important. Our employees, customers, and business partners have every right to expect that their personal data is handled with respect and processed in accordance with applicable laws. In May 2018, new EU regulation concerning data protection, which further underlines the importance of this matter, will come into force.
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