A world that runs entirely on green energy
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Real, tangible solutions to climate change

At Ørsted, we want to be a company that provides real, tangible solutions to climate change - one of the world’s most difficult and urgent problems.

In the following programmes, we describe how we work to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. By constructing offshore wind farms and converting our power stations from coal to sustainable biomass, we contribute to the green transformation of society. At the same time, we maintain a high reliability of supply for our customers, while helping them reduce their energy consumption.

To see the explanation of development for each programme, please have a look at pages 28-35 in our 2017 sustainability report

Green energy generation

SDG: #13 → Target: 13.3

The risks and effects of climate change are becoming increasingly prevalent. We take action to increase the share of green energy in our generation and reduce carbon emissions.

Graphic showing Ørsted's share of green energy in percentage

Deployment of offshore wind

SDG: #7 → Target: 7.2

To mitigate climate change and its consequences, we need to build more green energy capacity. Offshore wind represents a scalable and efficient green energy technology.

Graphic showing Ørsted's off shore wind capacity in Giga watt

Greener power stations

SDG: #7 → Target: 7.2

Coal is the fossil fuel that emits most carbon dioxide, which negatively impacts the climate. By phasing out coal, we significantly reduce the carbon emitted from our heat and power generation.

Graphic showing Ørsted's coal share in power and heat generation

Integration of green energy

SDG: #9 → Target: 9.4

In a world that runs entirely on green energy, power demand will increase, and generation and consumption will vary. This poses challenges to the energy systems. We focus on balancing the power grid with energy storage solutions as well as promoting more flexible consumption.

183000 smart meters in use

Energy savings

SDG: #7 → Target: 7.3

Globally, there is great potential for improved energy efficiency that enables businesses and households to reduce cost and carbon footprint. We want to unleash this potential.

Ørsted's realised energy savings through consultancy services

Sustainability stories

One of the largest green energy developers in the world

Sustainability stories

Reducing carbon emissions faster than science demands