Reliable and trustworthy service

Creating value

We supply homes and businesses with electricity and heat. Customers choose us because we provide alternative, cost effective, green solutions.

We continue to innovate in sales and service to expand intelligence of our distribution grid. High customer satisfaction is central to our service and a strategic goal for us. We have an ambitious customer satisfaction programmes, called “Customer Centricity,” to ensure we deliver on our promises. Employees are regularly trained to give the best possible service.

Pledge to customers

We promise a reliable and dependable energy supply. A service that can be trusted.

We provide simple, climate-friendly products and easy to understand solutions. We help customers reduce their energy bills. Working together with test families, we learn more about household consumption and how we can assist them to reduce their consumption.

Reliability of supply

Ørsted's ambition is for a customer to experience, on average, power failure of no more than 35 minutes per year. Our grid company, Radius continuously invests in securing a high reliability of supply. This ensures stable energy to both private and business customers.

Radius increase the reliability of supply

Our grid company, Radius, are replacing 1500 meters of cable a day. In 2020, more than a million meters will have been replaced. enabling consumers to see their consumption on an hourly basis.

The project was initiated in 2003. The value of this investment became clear during the storm of October 2013 where significantly fewer customers experienced power failure than during the storms of 1999 and 2005.

In 2013, Radius started the cable laying of overhead lines in the high-voltage grid – the so-called 50kV grid. With a total investment over the next six to seven years of nearly DKK 500 million, this project is one of our major infrastructure projects. It meets a political desire to strengthen the reliability of supply for the benefit of customers. The fact that the overhead lines will disappear is an aesthetic advantage to several of the picturesque areas.

Radius will continue to invest in a high security of supply in the future. DKK 650 million is earmarked for cable laying projects and relocation of cables from 2016.