Our bioenergy plants

Renewable electricity & heat

We have long used residues from forestry and agriculture in many of our power plants. Now, our power plants use residues primarily in the form of straw, wood pellets and wood chips, saving millions of tonnes of carbon emissions per year. That is why we call them bioenergy plants.

Our eight central bioenergy power plants, produce electricity & district heating. There is also one heat plant and one peak load plant. All our bioenergy plants are constantly developed, maintained and modernised to produce power and heat as efficiently as possible and with the least amount of environmental impact.

Our power plants
Kalundborg, Biogas plant
Northwich, Renescience waste treatment plant
Avedøre, Biomass power station
Asnæs, Biomass power station
Esbjerg, Biomass power station
H.C. Ørsted, Biomass power station
Herning, Biomass power station
Kyndby, Biomass power station
Skærbæk, Biomass power station
Studstrup, Biomass power station
Svanemølle, Biomass power station
Enecogen, Biomass power station

Henrik Rostgaard, Chemical Engineer, Bioenergy and Thermal Power

"Knowing I can make a real impact in this industry, gives me the buzz to come to work every day. At a market-leading company like Ørsted, there´s a huge possibility to learn from the best in the business."