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Our approach to sustainability

Accelerating a successful and sustainable energy transition

The global transition to renewable energy is the most important step we can take to counter climate change. In this light, countries at COP28 pledged to triple renewables by 2030.

To reach this, we’ll have to build infrastructure at a pace and scale never seen before. Doing so will require resources and space, both of which are currently constrained. It will also require widespread support.

It’s therefore vital that we demonstrate our ability to build green energy responsibly and sustainably. We must build in a way that preserves natural environments, limits the need for emissions-intensive resources, respects human rights across supply chains, and delivers tangible benefits to people in the regions where we operate. In doing so, our industry holds a unique potential to create positive societal value – from helping to restore our nature to boosting local jobs, supply chains, and socio-economic development.

Simply put, sustainability is not just the right thing to do – it’s a prerequisite for an accelerated build-out of renewable energy in line with global sustainability goals.

Our approach is to identify the key sustainability areas surrounding renewable energy – the areas where we can both address concerns and deliver positive impacts. We then work to mitigate any possible challenges and, where possible, to go further, delivering net-positive outcomes.

If we can make renewable energy a force for positive change for people and nature, we’ll ensure a truly resilient and sustainable industry – an industry that can build at the pace and scale needed to deliver the ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Read on to explore how we’re working to achieve this vision.

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