Coal free energy production

Completely coal free by 2023

Our leading Bioenergy capabilities ensure reliable, clean and sustainable electricity and heat solutions for our customers. 

Bioenergy only use sustainably sourced wood chips & pellets for fuel, providing an eco-friendly and deeply sustainable alternative to coal and gas. This is great news for the environment, and has already helped to significantly reduce CO2 levels in Denmark.

Our path to a greener future started a decade ago. Since then, we’ve reduced our coal use by 73%, and have committed to converting all our remaining coal-fired power stations to sustainable biomass. This process will make us completely coal-free by 2023. 
Coal reduction graphic
Bioenergy is a key solution central to our fight against climate change. We are fully committed to help develop new energy production technologies that significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Various new projects are therefore currently being piloted globally that complement our Bioenergy capabilities. One of these projects is Renescience, which allows us to turn household waste into green energy.