What we do

Our renewable energy solutions are leading the green transition

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We’re fighting climate change by transforming the global energy system – from wind power to solar energy and storage solutions, large-scale power purchase agreements to cutting-edge renewable hydrogen solutions.

At Ørsted, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the world leader in offshore wind. That’s no surprise since we built both the world’s first and the world’s largest offshore wind farms, and, today, we generate enough offshore wind energy to power more than 16 million people. We’re responsible for around a quarter of the world’s offshore wind power currently in operation or under construction.

Our energy solutions

Our wind solutions are leading the way

But that’s not all we do when it comes to fighting climate change through green energy.

We’ve expanded into onshore wind and solar energy in the US, where we’re also using energy storage solutions that can help balance supply and demand.


We’re growing our solar and storage solutions 

Meanwhile, in Denmark, we’ve converted six of our combined heat and power plants to run on sustainable biomass instead of coal – a change that’s been one of the largest contributors to Denmark’s total carbon-emission reductions since 2006.

We’ve shifted our heat and power plants from coal to sustainable biomass

We’ve signed the world’s biggest renewable power purchase agreement with TSMC for the full production of Ørsted’s 920 MW Greater Changhua 2b & 4 in Taiwan. And because some industrial processes and forms of heavy transport can’t be directly electrified, we’re collaborating with partners in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK to make renewable hydrogen and sustainable fuels commercially viable.

Our corporate PPAs provide price certainty and real green benefits

We’re making innovations in hydrogen and sustainable fuels

To put it simply, when it comes to generating power, everything we do has one objective: to help create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

When we planted 11 small wind turbines out at sea at Vindeby, Denmark, in 1991, nobody had tried it before. We couldn’t be certain it would work – but after a process of trial and error, and several modifications, it did.

Since then, we’ve helped mature offshore wind into an industry that can now generate electricity more cheaply than new fossil fuel-based power stations, in many locations at an unprecedented scale.

Some of our energy solutions are well-established while others are just being developed. But in each case, our purpose is the same:

We’re leading the way in finding, developing, and building-out new and innovative solutions to the energy challenges of the 21st century.

And we’re doing it in partnership with others: through joint ventures, power purchase agreements, project consortiums, and more.

Let’s create a world that runs entirely on green energy.