Biodiversity measurement framework

Our next-generation biodiversity measurement framework is open for feedback

We’ve launched a new framework for holistically measuring our impact on biodiversity while navigating an increasingly complex landscape. We’re inviting feedback so we can accelerate industry consensus on how to take measurable action for nature.   

Download framework 

At Ørsted, our aim is to restore biodiversity as we build renewable energy. That’s why we set the ambition that all new renewable energy projects we commission from 2030 onwards will have a net-positive biodiversity impact.  

This means that we'll not only continue to avoid, minimise, and compensate for any impact on nature during the lifetime of our projects – we'll also actively help restore and enhance ecosystems as we go. 

We’ve been monitoring biodiversity for decades, but we know we need an industry consensus on how to measure and report the impact of renewable energy, across both onshore and offshore assets, to show our work and stay accountable.

So, we’ve released a novel framework incorporating the complex landscape of sustainability reporting requirements, local regulations, and cross-sector coalitions, so we can turn our ambition into measurable action. 

Reaching industry consensus on how to measure biodiversity requires collaboration between developers, scientists, and governments, so we are releasing our working biodiversity framework for discussion and feedback from all interested stakeholders.  

Download the framework and give your feedback. Let’s work together to restore biodiversity.   

Download framework