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Shareholders exercise their right to make decisions regarding Ørsted at our general meetings, either in person, by proxy or by postal vote.

Three to five weeks before the general meeting, we publish a notice convening the general meeting by issuing a company announcement and by publishing it on this website. If you wish to receive a notice by email, please register your email address on the Shareholder Portal. You can log into the Shareholder Portal by using the link to the right.

Questions regarding registration of email addresses in the Shareholder Portal shall be directed to Computershare at telephone (+45) 4546 0997 or by emailing to

The notice is accompanied by a combined proxy and voting form enabling you to vote specifically on each item.

The agenda of the annual general meeting always contains a number of regular items: 

  • A presentation of the audited annual report for approval
  • Proposal for appropriation of the profits or for the treatment of the loss according to the approved annual report 
  • Election of members to the Board of Directors 
  • Appointment of auditor
  • Any other business

Resolutions can generally be passed by a simple majority, unless stipulated by the legislation or our Articles of Association. According to our Articles of Association, resolutions to amend the Articles of Association or dissolve Ørsted require that at least 50% of the share capital is represented at the general meeting and that the resolution is passed by at least two-thirds of the votes cast as well as of the share capital represented at the general meeting. 

A shareholder’s right to attend and vote at our general meetings is determined by shares owned at the record date, which is one week prior to the general meeting. The deadline for applying for an admission card to a general meeting is no later than three days prior to the general meeting.

All material relating to our general meetings are published on this website at least three weeks prior to the general meeting.

General meetings are held in Danish. Resolutions passed at general meetings are announced immediately after the close of the meeting and the minutes of the general meeting are published on this website no later than two weeks after the general meeting. 
You can find material related to our former general meetings below.

General meeting
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Statutory Reports

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