Schools of fish



Building in balance with biodiversity

Biodiversity is our life-support system – and it is in crisis. Understanding and addressing the biodiversity impact of our industry has become urgent.

Fish in the ocean

We’re partnering with WWF on ocean biodiversity

Together, we’ll explore ways to support a rapid transition to renewable energy while addressing the global biodiversity crisis

3D printed reef going into the sea

3D-printed reefs to help restore biodiversity

We’re collaborating with WWF Denmark on an innovative project to improve the resilience of the Kattegat’s ecosystem.   

Sourcing metals and minerals responsibly and sustainably  

We’re working with our supply chains and partners to address any risks to people and the environment arising from our use of metals and minerals.

Seagrass planting

Humber biodiversity restoration

Restoring biodiversity around the UK Humber Estuary

We’re partnering with the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire Wildlife Trusts to restore multiple habitats in the area.

Visual simulation of coral growing on wind turbine foundations

Giving corals a new home 

We’re attempting to settle and grow coral larvae on our wind turbine foundations.


“I’m optimistic about our nature’s future”

Read an interview with one of our experienced in-house biodiversity specialists.

Under water photo of fish


Pioneering marine rewilding

Together with ARK Nature, we are testing the potential of marine rewilding to restore ocean biodiversity.