More renewable energy capacity for millions of people

Our build-out of renewables brings clean power to millions of people and is a key driver in our own decarbonisation.

With a 30 % market share, Ørsted is the world leader in offshore wind, and we continue to bring renewable energy to new markets across continents to be a catalyst for the green transformation and help others go green.

Increasing our renewables share makes our energy generation less carbon intensive as it reduces the carbon emissions per unit of energy produced. In 2020, 90 % of our total energy generation was from renewable sources.

By the end of 2020 for offshore wind power, we had an installed capacity of 7.6 GW, a capacity of 2.3 GW under construction, and a further 5.0 GW of awarded capacity. In total, this brings us close to our installed offshore wind capacity target of 15 GW by 2025, enough to power more than 30 million people.

People powered by renewable energy
capacity built by Ørsted


We’ve further matured and continue to expand our significant presence in North American onshore renewables, with 3.4 GW in operation or under construction, including 2.3 GW onshore wind and 1.1 MW solar PV. By 2025, we aim to have 5 GW of onshore wind and solar in our portfolio.

By 2030, we aim to reach more than 30 GW of installed capacity across renewable technologies and geographies, enough to power more than 55 million people.

Fast-growing global renewables market

Installed global renewable energy capacity by 2030 is expected to be four times what it is today. With a USD 30 bn green energy investment pipeline towards 2025, Ørsted continues to invest exclusively in renewable energy projects and maintain its place among the world’s largest green energy companies.

Although we’ve mainly invested in European projects in the 2010s, since 2019, we’ve significantly increased our investments outside Europe, namely in Taiwan and the US. Towards 2025, we expect to maintain our investment level in Europe while significantly increasing our investments in renewable energy in North America and Asia Pacific.

Reducing our emissions

This is how we become carbon-neutral in 2025

We have reduced our emissions from energy generation and operations by 87 % since 2006, and are on track to be carbon-neutral in 2025.