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A sustainable build-out of green energy

Our climate action plan

"We do not have all the answers or full visibility of the journey we have ahead of us to create a sustainable society. That should not prevent us from taking decisive action now to stop climate change and create a better tomorrow. After all, that is what leadership is about."

Mads Nipper, CEO

Mads Nipper, CEO of Ørsted is wearing a suit and glasses whilst smiling.

The most sustainable energy company

The most sustainable energy company in the world

We are now on track to becoming carbon neutral in our energy generation and operations by 2025, making us the first major energy company to transform from fossil fuels and reach net-zero emissions.

Cranes are used to secure heavy piping on a construction site.

Supply chain emissions

Carbon-neutral supply chain programme is off to a strong start

Renewable energy technologies generate power with zero carbon emissions, but there are still emissions associated with their supply chain.

Sustainability report 2020

A sustainable build-out of green energy