Cancellation HOW02 BMU3 11XDONG-PT2NGETRMT00001231 ELEXON

Message ID 21/01/2022 Version 3 
Type of unavailability Planned
Type of event Production unavailability
Event Start 17/12/2021 11:50 GMT
Event Stop 28/02/2022 16:00 GMT
Unit of measurement MW
Unavailable capacity 440
Available capacity
Installed Capacity 440
Reason for the unavailability As this windfarm is currently under commissioning the export of the windfarm will vary 
Remarks This UMM is now available on BMRS ELEXON
Fuel Type Wind
Balancing zone 10YGB----------A
Affected Asset or Unit HOW02 BMU3
Affected Asset or Unit EIC code 48W00000HOWBO-3D
Market Participant Ørsted A/S
Market Participant Code A0001340A.DK