Orsted A/S – [WLNY-4] - [NG Shut Down Request ]

Heading: Orsted A/S – [AFFECTED SITE] - [CAUSE]

Reference number20210420 [ANTKE]-01
Type of asset or agreement[POWER]
Affected unit(s)[WLNY-4]
Time of capacity reduction[23 MARCH 2021] 19:30 (GMT)
CompanyØrsted Wind Power A/S
Cause[NG Shutdown Request ]
Type of fuelWind
Capacity influenced[294MW ]
Available capacity during outage or maintenance[35MW]
Estimated outage or maintenance duration[21st APRIL 2021]  08:00(BST)
Additional information[ This is a update of the previous market message found here: BMRS (bmreports.com) Message ID 11XDONG-PT-----2-NGET-RMT-00001103