Orsted A/S LNCSO-1- Unplanned outage

Reference number 20210420 MICWH-01
Type of asset or agreement Power
Affected unit(s) LNCSO-1
Country UK
Time of capacity reduction 20-April-2021 12:55 (BST)
Company Ørsted Wind Power A/S
Cause Unplanned outage
Type of fuel Wind
Capacity influenced 128MW
Available capacity during outage or maintenance 0MW
Estimated outage or maintenance duration 20-April-2021 13:25 (BST)
Additional information Remarks: An Unplanned outage for LNCSO-1 has occurred due to an outage on a 3rd party asset restricting our access to the wider power network. 
As we are not the operator of the asset causing the outage, further relevant information may exist and systematic updates of the REMIT urgent market message will not be possible