DONG Energy A/S - 07-jan-2017 BKR01 TRIP


Reference number / Reference nummer 20170107 (chnie)-01
Type of asset or agreement / Form for aktiv eller aftale WIND
Affected unit(s) / Påvirket anlæg Borkum Riffgrund 01
Country / Land DE
Time of capacity reduction / Tidspunkt for reduktion i kapacitet  [07-jan-2017 09:53] CET
Company / Virksomhed DONG Wind Power
Cause / Årsag Outage / Nedbrud
Type of fuel(s) / Brændstof Power
Capacity influenced / Påvirket kapacitet 312 MW
Available capacity during outage or maintenance / Kapaciett til rådighed under nedbrud el.vedligehold 0 MW
Estimated outage or maintenance duration / Vurderet varighed for nedbrud eller vedligehold [07-jan-2017 09:54] CET
Duration uncertainty / Usikkerhed +/- 6 hours/timer
Additional information / Yderligere information An unplanned outage for BKR01 has occurred as a consequence of an outage on a 3rd party asset restricting our access to the wider power network. This REMIT market message only contains information availeble to us at the time of publication. As we are not operator of the asset causing the outage, further relevant information may exist and we will not be able to update this remit market message systematically.  
Event status Open