DONG Energy A/S - 17-03-2016 Walney2 extented outage and start up


Wind Power Template for Regulatory Reporting                          
Reference number / Reference nummer 20160317(reneo/berch)-01                          
Type of asset or agreement / Form for aktiv eller aftale WIND                          
Affected unit(s) / Påvirket anlæg Walney 2                          
Country / Land UK                          
Time of capacity reduction / Tidspunkt for reduktion i kapacitet  04-12-2015 12:30 GMT                          
Company / Virksomhed DONG Wind Power                          
Cause / Årsag Outage / Nedbrud                          
Type of fuel(s) / Brændstof Power                          
Capacity influenced / Påvirket kapacitet 184 MW                          
Available capacity during outage or maintenance / Kapaciett til rådighed under nedbrud el.vedligehold 0 MW                          
Estimated outage or maintenance duration / Vurderet varighed for nedbrud eller vedligehold 23-03-2016 00:00 GMT                          
Duration uncertainty / Usikkerhed +/- 1 hour/time                          
Additional information / Yderligere information Walney2 is expected to commence start-up procedures around midnight between 19th and 20th March 2016. Subsequently, the wind farm will need approx. 72 hours to reach full capacity due to dry-out of turbines.”