DONG Energy A/S - Severn 20 reduce load to re-engage the ST at a different clutch angle to reduce generator shaft vibration


General Template for Regulatory Reporting   
Reference number / Reference nummer 2013/07/15 RJ 01
Type of asset or agreement / Form for aktiv eller aftale Power Plant
Affected unit(s) / Påvirket anlæg Severn 20
Country / Land Wales UK
Time of capacity reduction / Tidspunkt for reduktion i kapacitet  200 MW
Company / Virksomhed Severn 20
Cause / Årsag Outage / Nedbrud
Type of fuel(s) / Brændstof Fuel Gas
Capacity influenced / Påvirket kapacitet 200 MW
Available capacity during outage or maintenance / Kapaciett til rådighed under nedbrud el.vedligehold 100 MW
Estimated outage or maintenance duration / Vurderet varighed for nedbrud eller vedligehold 3 hours from 10:00 to 13:00 (GMT) July 15 2013
Duration uncertainty / Usikkerhed +/- 30 min
Additional information / Yderligere information High shaft vibration on Generator bearing 
Event status INSERT DATA
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