DONG Energy A/S - Severn U10 and U20 outages update


Reference number 20121210iking-01
Type of asset or agreement Power Plant
Affected unit(s)  Severn 10+20
Country UK 
Time of capacity reduction  
Company DONG Naturgas A/S
Cause Planned Maintenance
Type of fuel(s) Gas
Capacity influenced Full outage / commissioning activity
Available capacity during outage or maintenance  Zero - intermittent loading
Estimated outage or maintenance duration  
Duration uncertainty +/- 7days
Additional information Commissionin of Severn Unit 20 has been delayed due to a technical fault. Repair time is currently unknown and as a result, date of resumption of commissioning activities is currently unknown.

The outage on Severn Unit 10 previously planned for 11-1-2013 will be postponed, also with unknown new start date.

When  an indication of repair time is available revised outage periods will be published.
Event status Confirmed