DONG Energy A/S - Severn Unit 20 Planned outage update - return to Commercial Operation changed to 26-12-2012


Reference number 20121207iking-01
Type of asset or agreement Power Plant
Affected unit(s)  Severn 20
Country UK
Time of capacity reduction Ongoing
Company DONG Naturgas A/S
Cause Planned Maintenance
Type of fuel(s) Gas
Capacity influenced Full outage / commissioning activity
Available capacity during outage or maintenance  Zero - intermittent loading
Estimated outage or maintenance duration 26-12-2012
Duration uncertainty 7 Days
Additional information This is an update that Severn Power Station Unit 20 is expected to return back to full commercial operation on 26-12-2012.

In the time frame from 07/12/2012 until the expected return to full commercial operation on 26/12/2012, there will be a test period and partial return to service. In this period the market should expect various levels of generation, subject to commissioning and testing progress.

Should the return to full commercial operation be delayed or brought forward, DONG Energy will release a new market update with the new expected commercial operation dates.
Event status Confirmed