Biomass conversion programme

Powering a greener future

At our bioenergy power plants, we produce electricity and heat using biomass and natural gas, providing clean and reliable energy.

We continuously work to reduce CO2 emissions from electricity and heat production. And by 2023 we will have totally replaced coal as a fuel, with sustainable biomass.
Coal reduction graphic

We were among the first to establish biomass-fired power stations and now have one of the world´s largest biomass businesses in Denmark.

Early on we recognized the impact biomass had in helping to create a greener future. As long as biomass is sustainably sourced, it is considered to be a CO2-neutral fuel because it emits the same amount of CO2 from burning, which it absorbs during growth.

Parallel to the conversion of our coal and gas-fired power plants, we lead from the front with pioneering technological innovations which for example turn waste into energy.

We have built, the first of its kind, waste treatment facility in the UK. Using Renescience, an innovative enzyme-based waste treatment technology, the Northwich plant will be a world first bioenergy facility.


Turning waste into green energy

Bird's-eye view of a waste-to-energy plant.
Anna-Grethe Hjortkjær, Director of Customer Solutions at Ørsted.

Anna-Grethe Hjortkjær, Director, Customer Solutions

"At Ørsted, we have one of the most exciting agendas one could wish for: helping to ensure that our future wealth and growth can take place in an environmentally sustainable way."