Ørsted continues Olympic partnership

Since 2015, Ørsted has as Olympic partner supported Danish athletes and helped provide optimum conditions for them in the run-up to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The partnership with the Sports Confederation of Denmark and Team Danmark will now continue for three more years until end of 2020.


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A new three-year partnership agreement has just been signed, which officially extends Ørsted’s collaboration with Danish sport. Over the past three years, the collaboration has been evaluated and continuously modified to meet Ørsted's wishes. In this way, Ørsted has succeeded in drawing on the unique knowledge and competencies of the sporting world for the benefit of the company.

"We've been extremely pleased with our cooperation with Danish sport over the past three years, and we want to continue to help Danish Olympic athletes perform at the highest level. At the same time, we're looking forward to further developing and continuing to make use of the unique knowledge and resources which can be found within the world of sport. In Ørsted, we have benefited hugely from the arrangement, making sure that it has made a positive difference throughout our company, not least in our work with employee health and well-being," says Jakob Askou Bøss, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Stakeholder Relations at Ørsted.

While working to support the Olympic athletes, Ørsted and the Sports Confederation of Denmark have also worked together on the awarding of sports prizes.

"We're obviously proud to be continuing our cooperation with the Sports Confederation of Denmark on the 'Energiser of the Year' award, which for the second time was presented last Saturday at the the Sport 2017 awards ceremony to one of the many dedicated volunteers working for the Danish sports associations," says Jakob Askou Bøss.

Optimum conditions for athletes

As an Olympic partner, Ørsted helps to optimise conditions for athletes training to bring home gold medals to Denmark. The company also did this in the run-up to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

"Ørsted makes a big difference for Danish sport by continuing to support our Olympic work, and we're very grateful for this. Without the support of Ørsted and our other Olympic partners, we wouldn't have been able to achieve the results that we did at Rio 2016," says Niels Nygaard, Chairman of the Sports Confederation of Denmark and the National Olympic Committee, adding:

"I'm delighted that the sporting world can also can give something back to Ørsted. Danish athletes, coaches and managers are building up a body of knowledge and experience on, for example, what it means to be goal-oriented, on teamwork and on talent development, skills which are also important in the corporate world, when companies have to develop and perform at the highest level. We're sharing this knowledge with Ørsted, which makes it a win-win partnership."

Sporting knowledge and skills

The new agreement reflects how Ørsted will activate the partnership over the coming years. Among other things, the world of sport will provide input for Ørsted's health strategy as well as becoming involved in Ørsted's existing management and talent programmes.

"We've been working closely with Ørsted for a number of years. For example, several of Team Danmark's experts have inspired Ørsted by telling them how we develop world-class athletes and coaches together with the federations. We have high ambitions for Danish elite sport, and to realise these ambitions, we need strong partners.

Therefore, I'm delighted that Ørsted is committed to our work with Danish elite sport. The backing and support we receive from Ørsted and our other commercial partners is enabling us to optimise the athletes' and the national coaches' training possibilities between now and 2020," says Frank Jensen, Chairman of Team Danmark.

The partnership agreement for 2018-2020 with Ørsted has been concluded by Sport One Denmark (SODK), which is owned by the Sports Confederation of Denmark and Team Danmark. SODK handles the commercial interests of the world of sport, and its purpose is to create the best possible platform for interaction between the Danish business community and the unique competencies which are found in Danish sport. The partnerships are based on individual solutions to arrive at the perfect match.

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  • Ulrik Frøhlke, press adviser, Ørsted, +45 9955 9560
  • Niels Nygaard, President, Sports Confederation of Denmark, +45 2073 7112
  • Frank Jensen, Chairman, Team Danmark, via Rikke Egelund, press manager, +45 3147 9497
  • Steen Fladberg, General Manager, Sport One Denmark, +45 2332 8395