DONG Energy Signs Letter of Intent with NaiKun Wind Energy Group in British Columbia, Canada

Offshore wind project could support British Columbia’s commitment to develop clean, renewable energy.

About NaiKun Wind Energy Group

NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc. is a Vancouver-based energy company that has traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (and its predecessors) since 1967 (TSX VENTURE:NKW). Since 2000, the company has focused on renewable energy.

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Today, DONG Energy and NaiKun Wind Energy Group have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) which gives DONG Energy the exclusive rights to negotiate a joint development agreement for the Haida Energy Field Offshore Wind Project in British Columbia and explore the potential for establishing a long-term partnership with Naikun Wind Energy Group.

Located in Hecate Strait, between Haida Gwaii and Prince Rupert on the British Columbia mainland, the Haida Energy Field location has some of the strongest, most-consistent winds in the world and comprises of a 550-square kilometer area. The project would feature bottom-fixed structures due to the shallow water at the project location.

DONG Energy, based in Denmark with its North American headquarters in Boston, owns and operates 22 offshore wind farms in Europe and can provide market-leading project development and engineering experience.

The Haida Energy Field could significantly contribute to meeting British Columbia’s future energy needs. Offshore wind is a key part of the global shift to increase the use of renewable energy and this project could help to propel British Columbia and Canada into the new energy economy.

“This agreement effectively connects the largest offshore wind developer in the world with a project that offers one of the strongest, most-consistent wind resources in the world,” said Michael O’Connor, President and CEO of Naikun. 

“Offshore wind is a reliable home-grown energy source and we are excited to explore the Canadian market,” said Thomas Brostrøm, President for DONG Energy Wind Power North America.

“We see this opportunity as a first step to bringing offshore wind power to Canada in what could become a strategic partnership with the nation’s front-runner project.”  he added.

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