DONG Energy wins this year's annual report award 'C20 Regnskabsprisen 2017'

Praise for first annual report as a listed company
CFO Marianne Wiinholt.
CFO Marianne Wiinholt.
"Informative, reader-friendly and clearly structured. A strong presentation of the financial performance for the year and a solid market description."

These were some of the qualities highlighted by the panel of judges when DONG Energy was announced winner of the annual report award 'C20 Regnskabsprisen 2017' on Thursday afternoon.

About the report award

The report award, 'C20 Regnskabsprisen', is given once a year to a company in the OMX Copenhagen 20 cap whose annual report is particularly outstanding on three selected parameters:
'Annual highlights', 'The future' and 'The dynamic’

Previous winners include Novo Nordisk, Carlsberg and TDC.
The winners are evaluated and selected by a professional, independent and broadly composed panel of judges, hosted by PWC.

The panel of judges has the following members:

Niels Leth, Head of Equity Research, Carnegie Investment Bank

Kristian Wærness, Senior Vice President at 'Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S' and Chairman of the Danish Shipowners' Association's working group on financial accounting and auditing

Claus Berner Møller, Pensions & Investments, Vice President, Danish Equities, ATP

Ole Steen Andersen, professional board member

Bjørn Sibbern, CEO, NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen

Lars Jønstrup Dollerup, CFO, Copenhagen Airports A/S

Niels Mengel, Chairman, Danish Shareholders Association

Report of extraordinarily high quality

"This year, DONG Energy presents a reader-friendly annual report of extraordinarily high quality that deserves recognition.

The energy group provides a very strong presentation of the company's financial performance in the past year, striking a good balance between verbal and graphical information," was one of the comments from the panel of judges.

The panel also points out that DONG Energy offers valuable insights into the situation in the markets in which the group is operating.

Strong communication with stakeholders

The panel of judges also noted that DONG Energy continuously develop the annual report as a communication tool and as a tool for communicating with our stakeholders.

"The annual report is very easy to read and highly informative, and it sets a fine example for other companies wishing to work with the annual report as a communication tool," the panel of judges stated.

In a comment on the award, Marianne Wiinholt, CFO, says: "We're very pleased with the positive response to our annual report. It's a key document we use to give the outside world an insight into our strategic and financial development. The award is a sign that we've succeeded in being open and transparent."
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