DONG Energy expanding in North Jutland

Anders Svindborg Pedersen has been appointed head of a new office in Aalborg, Denmark.
Anders Svindborg
Anders Svindborg

A couple of months ago, DONG Energy announced its plans to expand in North and Central Jutland. The plans have a two-fold focus: offering better services to existing corporate clients and attracting new customers. DONG Energy estimates that the company can help industrial companies cut their energy bills by at least 10%.

Anders Svindborg Pedersen, who will be heading this initiative, has found a Senior Project Manager from Aalborg, Lars Vilhelmsen. Before the summer holidays, they will appoint two new energy consultants, and two new employees will join the team in the autumn.

Experienced management

It is an experienced management team, which DONG Energy now has in place. Anders Svindborg Pedersen comes from a major Danish consulting firm and has previously been responsible for energy-saving activities in the energy company Verdo as well as in the district heating company AffaldVarme Aarhus. Lars Vilhelmsen comes from the pharmaceutical industry and has extensive experience in reducing the energy consumption of process equipment. 

On the possibilities of the new job, Anders Svindborg Pedersen said:

"I'm very pleased to be a part of DONG Energy. The company is at the very forefront of the green transformation of the energy system, and has made a significant contribution to reducing Denmark's CO2 emissions. The goal for me is to make even more companies join this journey, and we have something that other energy companies have difficulties in matching."

What Anders Svindborg Pedersen is thinking about here is all the many specialised competences in Fredericia in Jutland and Virum on Sealand that he can draw on, if requested by the customers.

"We want to create real value for our customers through our counselling, where we follow the projects through to completion. We identify the savings potential and help our customers realise the savings," Anders Svindborg Pedersen promised.

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