High winds snow and rain have been tough on Zealands street lights

DONG Energy is currently struggling to re-establish outdoor lighting on roads and streets across much of Zealand. The process is particularly challenging in areas where the municipalities did not modernise the outdoor lighting when DONG Energy replaced the overhead lines with underground cables.

According to Head of Department Helge Lang Pedersen, all available personnel have been assigned to the task and DONG Energy has also called in help from contractors: 

"It's an extreme situation, as the combination of heavy snow, wind and lots of precipitation is a toxic mixture for our outdoor lighting. For safety reasons, we've prioritised damage in the form of fallen power lines and fallen towers higher than ordinary operational faults. Unfortunately, this means there will be an unusually high number of single circuit lamps out there without power, and of course we deeply regret this."

Storm Gorm shook a number of lamps loose and the fast melting of large amounts of snow combined with rain have caused unusually high levels of water in the ground. This increases the number of cable faults.

DONG Energy is almost done dealing with the aftermath of Storm Gorm and the priority now is school paths and other areas where many people are dependent on the lighting. Consequently, single circuit lamps on major roads and residential streets currently have a somewhat lower priority.

Pedersen concluded:

“We’d like to hear from citizens who know of lamps without power or who want a status update – or who have lighting in the municipality, which they feel should be given particularly high priority. You can call us on our hotline on 7025 5002 and report faults online at dongenergy.dk/ditgadelys.”

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