A Danish family wins one year's electricity consumption

They downloaded a new app and today, we presented them with a check for DKK 10,000 which roughly corresponds to one year's electricity consumption. 
The sun was shining from a cloudless sky when Dorthe Rømer Frost, Marketing Director in C&M, presented a large check to the lucky winners of DONG Energy's Electricity Meter Bingo early Thursday morning.

It was the Spliid family who was in for a surprise when the doorbell rang at 7:00. As many other families, they had downloaded DONG Energy's new app, Min Energy (my energy). Among other things, the app can be used to enter your consumption and get good advice on energy savings. And then they had accepted to participate in the competition 'ElmålerBingo' (electricity meter bingo) for one year's electricity consumption. It turned out to be a very good idea as they could now claim the main prize. And the winner has been a particularly frequent user of the app.

With the check in his hand, a delighted Martin Richter Spliid said: 

"I've read my consumption on a daily basis and kept an eye on the development and how much we can save. It's certainly worthwhile to reduce the floor heating. The app has definitely helped me become more aware of my energy consumption."

Dorthe Rømer Frost explained the background for the initiative:
"We've launched a customer promise where we promise to help the Danes to a lower energy bill. One of our initiatives is the app 'Min Energi' which makes it easy to keep an eye on the electricity and natural gas consumption."

With the app, you can also compare your consumption with the average consumption, you can receive useful tips for saving energy and you can check your standby consumption and avoid throwing money out of the window. On average, a family can make annual savings of up to DKK 800 by switching off the many devices on standby.
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