Save money with new app

'Min Energi' (my energy) can help you save money on your energy bill.

DONG Energy just released a new app and the ambition is to help consumers saving energy. 

Vice President Louise Hahn said:

“It is our hope that the app will make it easy to monitor your electricity and/or natural gas consumption. It is our experience that knowledge about consumption arouses interest in finding energy savings.”

With 'Min Energi', you can:

  • monitor your electricity and/or natural gas consumption
  • compare your consumption with the consumption of households similar to yours
  • compare your consumption with previous years' consumption when you have lived at the same address for several years 
  • check your standby consumption and see how much power you are consuming on nothing during a year
  • receive a notification if your consumption is higher or lower than expected so that you have time to adjust it
  • get the best saving tips from the energy advisers.

Play a game of Electricity Meter Bingo

To create awareness about the app, DONG Energy is introducing it with a small gimmick - a game of Electricity Meter Bingo.

In order to participate, you must monitor your electricity consumption and enter it into the app. The lucky winners can look forward to fine prizes - chocolate, cinema tickets, a vacuum cleaner and a main prize consisting of one year's electricity consumption at a value of DKK 10,000.

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